• Kathryn Caves

    Comedy writer & satirist.

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    About Kathryn

    Kathryn Caves is a comedy writer based in New York City.


    Her work has appeared on the humor websites Weekly Humorist, The Daily Drunk, and Little Old Lady Comedy. She was previously a writer and performer for the UCB late-night show America First? Kathryn has completed the satire writing program with The Second City, sketch with the UCB Theatre in NYC, and improv with Theatre Cedar Rapids.


    Kathryn is a Doctor of Pharmacy, but please don't ask her to identify any loose pills.


    You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @classiccaves.

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    Tips for Luring Millennials Back to

    Modern Medicine

      • Millennial palm print hospital gowns – Other hospitals qualify for Medicare funding, but are they this glamorous?
      • Photo ops throughout the hospital with Insta filter recommendations – Kidney transplants never looked so good!
      • Jade and rose quartz IUDs – Prevent unplanned pregnancies and balance your chakras all in one! Insurance reimbursement not likely.
      • Nebulizer treatments infused with Volcano scent from Anthropologie – You know what’s fun? Feeling like you’re shopping at Anthro. Also breathing.
      • Pumpkin spice bowel prep kits – You get to drink a whole gallon!!!
      • Detox programs to get rid of pretend toxins - We know toxymyplosis isn’t a real thing, but they don’t!
      • IV fluid subscription service - Drinking with your mouth is so 2018.
      • All-natural, organic, non-GMO vaccines – Also prevents polio! Yay!
    • Watch

      Sketch comedy

      Simone Blevins: CatChat

      Sketch for UCB's America First? Written by Kathryn Caves and performed by Sarah Sosland.

      Simone Blevins: Realtor

      Sketch for UCB's America First? Written by Kathryn Caves and performed by Sarah Sosland.

      Paint & Sip

      Sketch for Magnet Theater's Moxie Sketch Lab.

      Written by: Diana Smith
      Directed by: Virginia Dickens
      Zoey: Diana Smith
      Natalie: Ruth Morrison
      Alex: Kathryn Caves
      Mom: Celine Elliot
      Mrs. Daniels: Emily Riggins

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